1.11 版本固件开始提供

Behringer WING 的扬声器管理器效果器是在 v1.11版本固件中引入的,它包含三个常用的扬声器调音工具。

Filter 滤波器

The filter includes a high-pass, low-pass, tilt-eq, and phase correction, polarity inversion, and delay.

For high- and low-pass filters to take effect, you have to select from one of many filter types. You can set the options for high and low independently.


  • Flat (no effect)
  • Buttersworth 6dB/Oct
  • Buttersworth 12dB/Oct
  • Bessel 12dB/Oct
  • Linkwitz-Riley 12dB/Oct
  • Buttersworth 18dB/Oct
  • Buttersworth 24dB/Oct
  • Bessel 24dB/Oct
  • Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/Oct
  • Bessel 48dB/Oct
  • Linkwitz-Riley 48dB/Oct

Dynamic EQ 动态均衡器

A standard one-band dynamic EQ, with support for high- and low-pass, is also included. The DEQ is disabled by default.

Limiter 限制器

Behringer included a simple limiter with support for RMS and peak detection modes as well.