1.12 版本固件开始提供

LTA100 LEVELER - Summit Audio Model TLA-100A


  • Summit Audio 电子管平衡放大器是一种混合技术。它同时包含了真空管和固态元件。这种新旧技术的结合产生了一个令人难以置信的温暖和平滑的声音的压缩设备,而没有老式设计的固有缺点。
  • 特点如下:
    • 操作简便
    • "软拐点"特性
    • 可通过开关选择启动和释放设置
    • 侧链使用
    • 立体声耦合能力

One of the main qualities that makes the TLA-100A so desirable is that it has the smooth program dependent sound of an optical compressor, but is capable of the much faster attack times required for taming fast transients found in source material such as vocals, bass, and drums.

From the Manual: Set the Gain Reduction control to 0 and adjust the Gain control for 0 VU on the meter. Switch the Attack to slow and the Release to fast. Now adjust for the desired amount of Gain Reduction and recheck the output level. As the amount of Gain Reduction is increased, the processed audio follows a smooth reduction curve, thereby changing the compression ratio. In this way, compression may be easily controlled. If a large peak is detected, the unit will automatically increase the compression ratio to keep the audio output controlled. If a low compression ratio is desired, turn the Gain Reduction control until the meter indicates a small amount of Gain Reduction. If a higher ratio is desired, set the Gain Reduction control so the meter indicates a high amount of Gain Reduction. Try different Attack and Release setting, depending upon the program material and the desired effect.

I've personally been loving this on vocals. Here's a link to their manual (opens in a new tab)



  • 有 FAST(快)、MEDIUM(中)、SLOW(慢)三个档位,可以控制 TLA-100A 对输入信号做出反应的时间。


  • 控制 TLA-100A 再次恢复到统一状态的时间。
  • 有 FAST(快)、MEDIUM(中)、SLOW(慢)三个档位。
  • 释放时间也受节目素材的影响。释放时间设置得越慢,节目素材就越能决定释放时间。


  • 设定 TLA-100A 的电压增益。它决定了输出电平,可以在仪表上进行监测。


  • 设定正在发生的增益衰减量,以及增益衰减开始的操作点。增益减幅越大,比率就越高。


  • 点击切换效果器的打开/关闭状态


  • 调整 DRY(干声)、WET(湿声)的混合比例。