WING Ducker

Duckers are used to achieve the “radio host talking over music” effect. Whenever the radio host talks, the music gets quieter.

A ducker attenuates the signal by a fixed value once it goes over the threshold. Contrary to a compressor, which allows signals to exceed the threshold, but at a slower rate (as determined by the ratio), duckers apply sudden and fixed attenuation.

To achieve the “radio host effect” described above, the ducker must be driven by a sidechain signal other than the one it is attenuating. For instance, the ducker is loaded onto the GATE section of the music channel, the speaker’s microphone is chosen as KEY SOURCE and the threshold is set so that it is exceeded every time the host speaks. Hence, the music is attenuated by the amount set with the RANGE knob.

WING Ducker 的控制与 Gate/Expander 相似。

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